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Welcome to the Litigation Finance Project. We are offering a model litigation finance contract, provision by provision, for discussion and debate. We hope you will add your voice to the conversation.

To make the substance of our proposed provisions as rich as possible, we link heavily to background essays and related provisions. To see an abbreviated version of what we are linking to, hover over the hypertext.

Beyond the links and hover-accessible comments, context and discussion is available through the links at the left hand menu. First, the link “The Contract” goes to the model contract as revealed to date. The link “Table of Contents” is just that; a hyperlinked table of contents, so that users can move among our proposed provisions at will. Provisions that we have not yet posted appear on both pages only as headers or subheaders. The link “Defined Terms” similarly includes completed content and terms which will be defined as more provisions are added to the site.  As we complete additional provisions, we expect our list of definitions will grow over time. Finally, all of our background memos are accessible under “Commentaries”.

In addition to comments, we welcome guest essays and proposed terms. Contact us if you are interested in submitting content. All accepted submissions will be featured for a while, along with a bio and photo, and after new content is posted, will be indexed into the site. All content you submit will be attributed to you and licensed under the Creative Commons license applicable to the content we create on this site, unless you otherwise specify when submitting content.

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